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Who We Help

Bell Tower Home Health Care provides in-home medical care to people who need the skilled services of a nurse or therapist on an ongoing but interim basis. This would include patients and families with these sorts of medical needs:

  • People returning home from surgery with after-care to perform
  • People with chronic diseases that are flaring up
  • Seniors who have experienced an accidental fall
  • People with a new or worsening disability
  • People who have received new prescriptions or recommendations for a therapeutic diet and who could use additional coaching to ensure successful adherence to the plan
  • Stroke survivors who have not received any form of in-home rehabilitation (even as follow-up to facility-based rehabilitation)
  • Heart attack survivors who have not received cardiac rehabilitation
  • People who have a progressing case of Parkinson’s Disease
  • People recovering from weakness after a prolonged period of bed rest
  • Anyone who could benefit from the services of a nurse or therapist at home

If this describes you or someone you care for, please call Bell Tower Home Health Care now: 603-821-7421

(603) 821-7421

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